Hello there, you bright beautiful people!

I'm toni and I do quite a bit of fangirling about homestuck, nightvale, anime & manga. IN addition. I draw from time to time. my art will be posted:
the4th3rdsart-dropjoint.tumblr.com see ya there!


Facsimile Murat Germen

Cities may seem to grow only upwards, but they actually accommodate two different worlds: First being the obvious Überland, the city over the ground level; and the other Unterland, the underground. Even though soundly developed metropolises have a very intricate and large underground infrastructure, the most lived, experienced and perceived urban world appears to be the one above: Überland. Unterland is usually ignored, misperceived, underestimated and not particularly pleasing by many; since the times we spend in the Unterland is usually temporary and we do not reside there.”

(Source: archatlas, via post-internet-life)